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Saturday, 07 July 2007 03:54


Jared Horton Construction Inc. has been serving Council Bluffs and surrounding areas independently since 2004.  The owner, Jared Horton is certified in Weatherization thru the DOE (Department Of Energy) and has had training thru the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) for construction renovation. Much of Jared’s 18 years experience is exterior and interior carpentry, which would include framing, windows, siding, roofing, decks and interior trim.  Our Lead Roofing Foreman has 25 years experience in the roofing industry, most of which has been in the Council Bluffs area.  Except in the cases of extreme demand, all of these trades are done by JHCI staff.  In all cases quality control is managed by either Jared Horton or our Lead Roofing Foreman.

With this experience, Jared's 20 year use of AutoCAD, degree in Architectural Engineering, and thorough training in site layout, we would love to build your new home or other specialty project.  Jared Horton Construction will put your project directly where it should be for legal setbacks, proper drainage and to accommodate your preferences and lifestyle. Don't settle for some one using a tape measure and some good guess work to set your house in the right place.  We use the same grade and type of equipment surveyors use, being able to easily define points thousands of feet apart with one 2000ths of a degree of accuracy.  This amount of precision isn't usually necessary, but setting your house correctly is vital.  Call any waterproofing company and ask if they have ever worked in a fairly new half million dollar home that has water problems because of improper drainage.  They will tell you it happens all the time. Whether you have continuing water problems or an unnecessarily steep driveway with extra stairs all starts the moment your footings are dug.  Let us do it right.

We can handle your project in a number of different ways.  If it’s an insurance job, we can work directly thru your insurance company and handle everything, making sure they pay for as much of the relevant damage as possible, or directly thru you by giving you a detailed estimate based on your specifications. One added benefit to using Jared Horton Construction is that in most cases you will receive free upgrades from your existing materials on your home.  Most of the time you will get Lifetime shingles, seamless gutters and when the house is being sided your exterior doors and windows will be weatherized at no extra charge.  If your job is not insurance related, you will receive a detailed estimate and information to educate you about the options for your home improvements.


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